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Temporary Shelter
  • Our shelter program is exclusively for families with minor children.

  • Families stay from 30-90 days depending on the circumstances.

  • Family Promise utilizes a holistic approach by assisting parents with job placement, transportation, securing permanent housing, along with counseling, financial budgeting and legal assistance if warranted.  

  • Family Promise works closely with the Kingsport Public School system to ensure children are educated and supported.  

  • 98% families served in the shelter program are usually able to secure housing within three months.

  • Family Promise of Greater Kingsport works with local congregations, who provide daily meals to shelter guests. 

  • By having such a large network of dedicated volunteers, families are enveloped by caring, positive individuals working tirelessly to ensure they always feel at home.

  • Our approach of keeping families together, identifying their strengths, and partnering with the community for solutions means that families are at much lower risk of returning to homelessness.

By Appointment Only

To Apply you will need: 

  • Social Security Cards

  • Picture ID’s

  • Driver’s Licenses

  • Birth Certificates

  • Award Letters: TANF/SSI/SSA

  • Child Custody Papers/Support Orders

  • Documentation of Abuse (Police Reports/Charges)

  • Family Promise of Greater Kingsport can help you obtain some of these documents if you do not already have them.

  • Background Checks usually take one or more days to complete depending on where you have lived in the past.

  • We maintain a waiting list of those who would like to enter the program. You are encouraged to add your name to the waiting list as soon as you think you might need our services.

  • Because of the preparation needed to welcome new Guests, new families can not usually accept immediate shelter admissions on the same day.

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