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Rapid Re-Housing

The primary goal of rapid re-housing (RRH) is to provide temporary assistance that quickly moves individuals and families who experience literal homelessness into permanent housing

Rapid re-housing is a solution to homelessness designed to help individuals and families to quickly exit homelessness and return to permanent housing. It is offered without preconditions (such as employment, income, absence of a criminal record, or sobriety), and the resources and services provided are typically tailored to the unique needs of the household.

There are three core components of rapid re-housing. 

Housing Identification

Family Promise's goal is to help those who are literally homeless move into a place of their own quickly.  Even though the homeless must find their own place, the case manager will help identify potential landlords to help in the process.

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Security Deposit & Rent Assistance

The goal of the security deposit and rental assistance is to help with the costs associated with getting into housing.  Family Promise will pay the security deposit and first-month rent, or security deposit only if income-based rent, to help people secure a place to live.  Family Promise also ensures people will not pay more than Fair Market Rent (FMR).

Case Management

The goal of rapid re-housing case management is to help stabilize people once housed, by connecting them to services and supports if needed. The focus is to help people navigate barriers that may stand in the way of securing and maintaining housing and strives to build a support system by connecting them with people and programs in the community.

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