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3 benefits of volunteering as a family

Everyone knows family time is hard to get these days. I often hear about parents saying they wish they knew how to bring their family together. Have you thought about volunteering together as a family? Volunteering as a family is good for your family's mind, body, and soul.

BENEFIT 1: Quality Time with No Distractions

Our world is technologically advanced these days. Everyone is staring at a screen and forgetting about family time. Volunteering allows your family time to put away the electronics and spend time talking and enjoying each other's company. As your family volunteers, you begin to share what is going on in each other's lives and learn how to be a family again.

BENEFIT 2: Learning Generosity and Compassion

Your children (and maybe even yourself) learn about how good you feel when helping others. Today, several people are focused on themselves instead of those around them. Volunteerism helps your family learn to be compassionate towards others while being generous to those in need or who are less fortunate.

BENEFIT 3: Your Family Makes New Friends

Sometimes, our families are closed off from the world. We go to school or work only to come home and sit in our house. Gone are the days of sitting on the porch and talking to the neighbors and friends. However, volunteering as a family has the ability to change the situation. While volunteering, your family will meet other volunteers and even those you are helping. The result is life long friends who share the common goal of helping others in need.

Your family can make a difference at Family Promise of Greater Kingsport. We know each family has something to offer an we are excited about the opportunity of having you as a volunteer. For more information, check out our volunteer page.

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