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Volunteer Agreements

Confidentiality Agreement

I acknowledge that during my work with Family Promise of Greater Kingsport, a 501(c)(3) organization (“Family Promise”), I may have access to and learn facts about individuals in the program or who receive or have received services. All information pertaining to a guest, graduate, or other client of Family Promise, including but not limited to their name, SSN, race, monetary status, marital status, background, and story, and all information pertaining to any children in the program or who have received services must be kept highly confidential. This includes any information about a family that the family themselves may share with me directly. By signing this agreement, I understand and agree not to discuss or disclose any information pertaining to persons staying within the care of, or receiving services from, Family Promise now or in the future.


I hereby agree and recognize my responsibility to hold all Family Promise guest, graduate, and client information in confidence.

I have reviewed the above Confidentiality Agreement


I give permission for Family Promise, or anyone authorized by Family Promise, to use and reproduce the audio, film, video, and/or photographs recorded or taken of me (and my children under the age of 18, if applicable) in Family Promise promotional materials or any other use authorized by Family Promise. I understand that these audio/film/video/photographic materials belong to Family Promise and may be used, transferred, or reproduced without compensation to me, and that they may appear in local, regional, national, or international publications, programs, websites, and social media platforms. This release and the rights granted herein extend to all Family Promise Affiliates, which are separate 501c3 organizations.

I have reviewed the above Audio/Film/Video/Photo Release

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